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What’s In a Name?

A name, the first piece of information about a company, a person, organization or thing. We build narratives, have judgments and associate past experiences, or people we have known over the years with names.


So what about Red Pants Coaching?

In brainstorming for a name, we wanted something that would stick with people, make people laugh, and associate their own meanings and assumptions about what Red Pants Coaching is.


Red = vibrant, warm, alive – what does Red mean to you?

Pants = we get stuff done, sometimes the pants are too big, sometimes they are too small, our pants are not fancy but we put them on the same way as everyone else – one leg in at a time – what’s your association with Pants?

Red Pants Coaching = check out our testimonials and set up your free initial consultation to get your own impression.


For us, that is what coaching is all about! Picking apart assumptions, making you think, and stand up for what you think you need in life and the workplace. Be bold, and humble, pivot through different perspectives and create movement.


Are you ready to step into your Red Pants?

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