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Individual / It’s My Turn

At Red Pants we work with accompanying partners who have relocated because of their spouse’s job, and they are often concerned how the move will affect their own career. The expectation is that the partner who relocated to boost his career will do well but the trailing one- not so sure and much anxiety around that.

This case study follows one professional woman who has relocated multiple times in the last 15 years, originally from the US she has lived in Germany, England, France and India. Her story is simple: if she had not relocated she would have continued her US career path and would not be making anywhere near as much money as she does now, nor would she be involved in leading edge start up businesses which she enjoys tremendously.

A nurse by training, she could not work in Europe because of language and certification issues. In India, nurses are at a much lower level of medical services, so it was not an option there either. Because she had to reinvent herself, she found her niche in operations and marketing management for medical services. Today, she is the CEO of a promising start up in the US.

What can you learn from her experience?

  • What seems like a challenge initially can be a launching pad to a better and more exciting career.
  • Because she did not have a career to fall back on, she had to be open to all ideas – which would never happen if you are employed and just casually thinking about a change.
  • Satisfying work determines where home is – India was her true home because she had a job she loved. When that started to shift to the US because of business opportunities, India was not home anymore and resulted in the couple moving back to the US.
  • If you are married, you have to make joint career decisions – it is not black and white, and everyone has to give at times.
  • Once you know you have started from scratch before you are not afraid to challenge the status quo – to honestly assess what career you want and who are the people that you work well with.