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Pro-Active. Potential. Practical.

Career Conversations

Making sure your talent is in the right place, knows what they are aiming for and enabling managers to foster a climate of career conversations. A set of assessments to get started, and hands-on tools for both managers and ICs.

Emerging Talent

Do you have high potential people who need a little help to outperform? We show them how to turn their talents into powerful strengths and become more influencing along the way. Based on Gallup SF 2.0

New Managers

Changing gears from being a top IC to managing others is a huge shift and requires a new set of tools. We subcribe to the Servant Leadership model by Simon Sinek and assist new managers in defining their individual style.

Your Team.

Diversity. Ownership. Adaptability.


Team leaders come to us with questions like “how can we be more aligned” or “We are clearly going off in different directions.” These are appropriate points in time to check in, bring issues up to the surface and define a fresh path forward. Steps to take would include facilitation of team conversations, an agreement on the focus areas to move forward and providing 1:1 coaching for team members.

Your Organization.

Responsibility. Authenticity. Emotional Agility.


Starting with a confidential EQ assessment, we teach leaders the tools of stepping out of their emotions, working with their emotions and leaning into things that matter. Based on Dr. Susan David’s approach and the EQ-i-2.0 assessment tool.

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