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Coach As You Go

A program designed for the Corporate Customer delivering 1:1 coaching when you want it, when you need it.

No commitment to minimum hours or seats, option to set maximum monthly hours.

Sessions delivered virtually over phone or video. Employees book through easy to use calendar link.

One Contract, One Invoice, with access to multiple coaches.

Team Development

A selection of programs to address the common-themed scenarios:

  • New team starting out due to merger, re-org or fast growth;
  • Existing team at a friction point ready to re-focus and re-align;

The programs consist of a mix of team conversations, individual and group coaching to ensure that team development gains are long term.

Traditional, one time team building events tend to result in a temporary sense of alignment and often turn out to be a bandaid.

Through the combination of team conversations, individual and group coaching sessions the intentions are explored on a much deeper level.

Individuals work on eliminating their personal barriers of succes, while aligning on the team outlook.

All conversations are delivered virtually, allowing for affordable pricing and no need to travel onsite for remote team members.

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