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Corporate / It’s My Turn

The spouses’ perspective


Most spouses welcome a woman’s desire to find a job or start a business. With a lot of well meaning and used to making managerial decisions, they will tell her what they think she should do. Often that’s a reflection of a man’s own desires, just like we hope our kids will do things we wished we had chosen; or a success story he heard about another woman who re-invented herself. It is surprising to see how often women follow someone else’s advice what career to pursue and then somehow it does not work out for them in the long run.

This is really well intentioned advice from your husband, your dad – they share a common value system with you but each one of them is also very  different from you in terms of what makes them tick.

For example, you might share the quality of being Futuristic[1] with your spouse – that means you both love to think and enjoy planning for the future, you pull others along with your enthusiasm for the great potential out there. However, you might combine Futuristic with a strong sense of Responsibility, which means you will plan for the future taking others into account. If your spouse is a Strategic person, he will look for things that make sense in the long run and figure out the easiest way to get it.

See how same-same can be quite different?
Finding a career that calls you, excites you and allows you to earn real money requires:

  • being proactive (not following prescribed paths)
  • have the end in mind (truly understand what it will be like)
  • base it on your own strengths (not on what you could do better)
  • make sure there is money in it
  • design it to fit your life style

We suggest that you lovingly thank your spouse, your mentors for helping in defining your career path, and that you choose the ideas that intrigue You but do not live someone else’s life plan.

[1] “Futuristic” is one of 34 Themes described in Strengthsfinder 2.0 by the Gallup Institute, see more at: