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Team Development

Engage Your Talent

How engaged is your talent?

Commitment will always outperform being told what to do. Simply stated, committed people love their job – they do something meaningful, have fun and make a living.

Yet 70% of the US workforce is not engaged (2015 The Gallup Institute).

What gets in the way?

How we work

We recommend two programs to accelerate employee engagement:

  • Team strengths portfolio analysis & talent development
  • High potential individual talent development

The team development consists of two 2 hour workshops, delivered on site or virtually. Team members learn to recognize their own and others strength and design a team development plan. After the workshops, weekly check ins are available to optimize the team plan.

In every team, managers know who their high potential talent is. As you compete for talent in meeting your corporate targets, employee engagement is crucial.

It’s a process – a minimum of three months, ideally longer. We understand the realities of hectic schedules and little time to focus on self development. Our program is designed to fit anyone’s pace and schedule. Some content is delivered in an online self study format, other parts are 30 to 60 minute conversations with a coach as well as email and text updates.

All for one flat monthly fee. Your people can talk to us as often as they want to.

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